Cooking class Macarons

In 2 hours, the chef unveils the recipe, the tips, these little extras that transcend a simple recipe to make a unique souvenir. These are not workshops, but real courses, where everyone can intervene, question, touch the material, repeat a gesture … just learn and why not transmit!

Presentation of The Macaroon Workshop

Our Macaron workshop is held in Thiers sur Thève in a modern space, equipped with modern utensils and perfectly adapted to the learning of the finest culinary techniques.

Under the direction of Pastry Chef Pierre Guegain, each participant will learn how to make the famous round-shell gourmet treats in the rules of the art.

In a relaxed atmosphere, you will realize step by step recipe for the macaron, after listening to the advice of the Pastry Chef.

This workshop is for beginners lovers of the famous Parisian candy and eager to learn how to make it themselves.

Of course, they can seek the help of the Pastry Chef when necessary, but they will have the pleasure and satisfaction of making their own macaroons.

During the Macaron Workshop, several techniques will be discussed so that you will never miss your macaroons again.

In total, the baking session lasts two hours. At the end of L’Atelier du Macaron, each “apprentice pastry chef” leaves with the macaroons he has made, about 20 pieces.

Available Appointments on 30 May 2020

Cours de Macarons  10 h 00 min – 12 h 00 min10 spaces available
Cours de Macarons  13 h 00 min – 15 h 00 min10 spaces available
Cours de Macarons  16 h 00 min – 18 h 00 min10 spaces available

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