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“When I came back, I said to myself: I have to open my own shop. I could not see myself working for anyone anymore. It was in 2012. Pierre Guégain returns from a trip of several years between Australia, Spain and Portugal, where he earned his nickname “Little French”. This is the name he will choose for his first macaroons shop, located in Thiers-sur-Thève. Five years later, the macaroon craftsman has just opened his second sign, a few steps from the cathedral of Senlis, after multiplying his turnover by ten.

It is a display of colors and different flavors. In both stores, Pierre Guégain offers more than 30 varieties. Chocolate, coffee and vanilla bestsellers with more unusual tastes like liquorice or yuzu, a Japanese lemon. A salty range will soon appear, with foie gras / fig or shrimp / avocado flavors. And all with local products, which earned Pierre Guégain to be labeled “Made in 60” by the county council. “I do not just take care of manufacturing, I go on the field too,” he says. All the raw materials I use come from the department and everything is homemade. Especially ganache, jam and cream, which are the three essential fillings. ”


Not yet started, macaron classes are already meeting success

Thiers-sur-Thève. Pierre Guégain in his boutique workshop, where will be given courses to make macaroons. LP / S.G.This is the next novelty of the Petit Français. Pierre Guégain will open his workshop to individuals for macaroons classes. The lesson should last two hours, for a cost of 65 €. “I already received groups who came to observe my work, in collaboration with the tourist offices of Senlis and Chantilly, details the artisan macaronnier. The idea pleased me and I wanted to develop it. But you still need a minimum to accommodate people properly. ”

And the “minimum” at Pierre Guégain is already a lot. The baker will completely rearrange his laboratory to accommodate twelve people, including two people in wheelchairs. A commercial will even be hired to solicit works councils.

If the date is not yet fixed, the chief ensures that the workshops will be open by the summer. But it will rush: the first two months are already complete.

If, for now, the pastry chef works alone, with an employee in his shop in Senlis, the business will grow. While he left the auto-entrepreneur status last year, it’s time for expansion. “Already, the Senlis shop was not planned. It was a little overnight, he laughs. It is therefore necessary to stabilize the financial situation, but projects are in progress. ”

Among these, the opening of its kitchen to individuals in the form of workshops (see box) but also a redevelopment. His shop in Thiers, where these workshops will be hosted, will be expanded into a tea room. An employee will hold the cash register and another pastry chef will join him in the kitchen.

To keep his clients happy, Pierre Guégain renews ideas and formats. From the MacCoeur for lovers, to the unusual shapes of macCarré and trimarron, currently under study, the idea is to bring the customer beyond the classic macaron. “The macaroon is also visual. The customer must take full view. ”

Figures1 hour. That’s the time it takes for Pierre Guégain to make 225 macaroons.

€ 1.40. This is the average price of the macaron sold in the two Pierre Guégain stores.

2 employees are employed by the contractor. “The little Frenchman” will soon have 5.

3,000 macaroons are produced every week in Pierre Guégain’s kitchens.

€ 85,000 in turnover was achieved in 2016. That’s ten times more than five years ago, when the brand was launched.

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